If you have a request for a new gate code or need to have a remote programmed please review the following information before filling out the form below.

Kimberly Crossing Gate Access Information

**The gate is normally closed every evening (except for winter weather and/or maintenance reasons).**

The gate can be opened in one of three ways:

  1. With a gate remote
    – Residents can contact the HOA using the form below for information on obtaining a gate remote and getting it programmed.
  2. Using a code
    – New residents should contact the HOA using the form below and get a custom gate code after they close and move in.   They should use the code provided by the builder or seller until the gate code is established.  Please note that we provide randomly assigned gate codes.
  3. The Directory
    – When your guests use the gate controller they’ll need to scroll through the residents names, listed by last name, using the A and Z buttons until they reach yours. Once your name is selected they’ll just need to press the call button. The system will then call the number that you have provided to the HOA. The caller ID for the gate controller will be sent to you with your gate code. When you answer the call you are able to converse with your guests at the gate and then use your phone’s keypad to press the number 9 and the gate will open for them.