Kimberly Crossing

New Gate Controller

We are excited to announce that the new gate entry controller is ready for use!
We are thrilled with how the new pillar turned out and love the change it has made to the entrance of our neighborhood.

As part of this process all residents will receive a letter informing them of their gate codes. For most, your code is NEW!

Every residence will receive a letter, along with an email if available, with confirmation of your gate code. If you requested a specific code and you did not get your request it was not available. This letter will also include the information found below. Please contact the HOA if you have any questions or concerns via this contact form.

Important note: Gate remotes are not impacted by the entry controller update and will continue to work normally.

To help maintain neighborhood security we ask all residence to have their name in the directory so that they are not required to give their code to guests. If you did not fill out or mail in a form we ask that you fill out the form linked below. 

Add My Name to the Directory

When your guests use the gate controller they’ll need to scroll through the residents names, listed by last name, using the A and Z buttons until they reach yours. Once your name is selected they’ll just need to press the call button. The system will then call the number that you have provided to the HOA. The caller ID for the gate controller is (405) 509-3904. When you answer the call you are able to converse with your guests at the gate and then use your phone’s keypad to press the number 9 and the gate will open for them.