Kimberly Crossing

New Gate Access Controller

We are excited to announce that Kimberly Crossing is getting a new gate entry controller!

This change is being made because the existing controller is no longer supported by the manufacturer, and parts are no longer available. To ensure continued controlled gate access, the existing controller must be replaced. As part of this process all residents need to re-register for a gate code. Registration is important as all unregistered codes will not work on the new controller.

Important note: Gate remotes are not impacted by the entry controller update and will continue to work normally.

In addition to the possibility of keeping your existing code through registration, we are optionally allowing residents to make specific code requests. This is an experiment, designed to ease the pain of switching codes and controllers. The option of picking your code is only available when registering via the web site, and only available to residents whose HOA dues are paid in full

Requests must be submitted by September 15, 2018
or you will receive a randomly selected new code!

Unfortunately many requests will not be able to be supported and the best way to ensure your code is, is to create a unique codeCommon codes {such as numbers in sequence like 1234, repeated numbers like 1111, and alternating numbers like 1212} are not good choices and should be avoided. For security reasons, we won’t give details about why residents do not receive a code they’ve requested.

Disclaimer: This is an experimental process supported by the unpaid volunteers making up your HOA board. We can not support multiple requests for specific codes if the first set of requested codes can not be supported. Depending upon the success of the experiment, if the logistics of specific code request exceed our capacity to handle the process we may not be able to support the specific code requests at all and be forced to assign random codes.

We ask for your understanding throughout this process, and specifically if you make a request and don’t get one of your requested codes. Thank you for your cooperation and we’re excited to see how we can all benefit from this new controller! Thanks

The registration deadline has passed, and thus registration is closed. If you did not register/request a code you will receive a randomly selected code when the information is sent out. In the coming weeks you will begin to notice changes by the gate, and will receive your new code before it become operational.