Kimberly Crossing


Bylaws & Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions

Kimberly crossing has bylaws (for HOA operation) and conditions, covenants, and restrictions (CCRs or the “rules”). Most issues raised by our residents fall under the following areas:

  • Put away your trash & recycle bins after trash-day (so no one can see it)
  • Take care of your lawn and flowerbeds
  • Do not park overnight on the street
  • Campers, boats, trailers, vehicles under repair, etc. can not be parked where anyone can see them (in our neighborhood this mostly means they have to be in the garage with the door closed)
  • Do not leave trash, construction material, tree limbs, yard waste, and so on where others can see them
  • Get permission before you build anything (contact the board for info)
  • Review the HOA restrictions for material requirements before making exterior repairs
  • Read the full restrictions & by-laws to know more


Other Important Documents

2009 Filed-stamped Kimberly Crossing Amended CCRs (1)

2016 Update of Non-Compliance Procedures

Kimberly Crossing Final Plat Section 1

Kimberly Crossing Final Plat Section 2

Kimberly Crossing Final Plat Section 3

Kimberly Crossing HOA Common Area Property Locations, Rev2

What if I see someone breaking a neighborhood restriction?
Do you know the neighbor who you think may be breaking a restriction? If so, you can gently ask them to fix the problem. If you do not know the neighbor or feel uncomfortable talking to them, you can fill out this formPlease be aware that the board needs to be able to identify the person breaking the restriction and verify that the restriction is being broken. Please include any information you can that will help the board fully understand the problem.