Kimberly Crossing

Road Work Updates

Thank you so much for checking the website for your updates!

Road Update 8/7/17 8:00pm: Work will continue in the GREEN section tomorrow, Tuesday August 8th, barring any bad weather. Some portions of this section will just be getting a 2nd coat, so be sure to pay attention to the cones to see which side is freshly coated.

Road Update 8.2.17 9:08a: please be advised that work may continue in the GREEN section today, it is contingent on the humidity and temperature. If you see cones they’re are working and the road is “wet”. Please avoid coned areas and remember if there is a cone in your driveway it is not safe to cross the fresh sealant.

Road Update 7.38.17 11:45am: Due to the high humidity and low temperature road work is delayed.

Update 7/26/17 9:00pm:  There will NOT be work in the GREEN section at the gates overnight tonight (Wednesday). As we did last week, crews will not work tomorrow, Thursday trash day, and will return on Friday, July 28th to do the unfinished side of the Green area. The gate area will be done at a later date, yet to be determined.

Update 7/26/17 10:55am: Work continued in the GREEN section this morning. The team also worked in the intersections of RED where Woody and Shady Ln/Ct connect with Kimberly and Kristy. These areas are marked well with orange cones, so please avoid them. They will once again be working at the gate overnight, so continue to be aware as you enter and exit the neighborhood.

Road Update 7/24/17 10:37pm: Work will continue Tuesday, July 25th in the RED section. Also, Tuesday, July 25th work will begin in the GREEN zone, specifically by the gates. This work, gate area, will be done between the hours of 8pm and Midnight and will be drying overnight. One side of the gates will be done at a time, leaving one side for both entering and exiting the neighborhood. The crew will not use any lights besides the headlights on the truck and as you may have observed, their equipment is very quiet. The gate work will continue Wednesday evening. As has been the case, the Northwest gate is open for your use.

Update 7/23/17 5:40pm: Road sealing will continue tomorrow, Monday, July 24th with the RED section. This will be the other side of the road from what they did on Wednesday and Friday of this past week (on Woody, Kimberly, Kristy, and Shady ln/ct). We have had a few issues with visitors parking on the roads that are being sealed, so please make your guests aware of the road work. As always please be aware of the crew, the coned areas, and other traffic trying to move through the neighborhood.

Road Update 7/19/17 10:56am: Today we have a break from road sealing for trash collection. Work will resume tomorrow with a second coat on the red sections done Wednesday and continuing on with the other side of the red section. Given that the start of Red was delayed by yellow, please check for updates regularly since things could be delayed moving forward.

Also, please bear in mind that if a cone is removed from your driveway you may cross the sealed section into your driveway. However, that doesn’t mean that the sealed portion has cured, so please stay out of the coned areas except for crossing into a driveway.

Update 7/18/17 6:10pm: Everything in the yellow section has been sealed except for two intersections, one at Kristy & Harvest Ln the other at Kimberly & Harvest Ct, where we had to allow traffic and had water collecting this morning. We will be getting an early start In the morning to complete those areas first then on to the Red section one lane, then taking a break on Thursday. At this point we don’t believe the full schedule will be delayed, just those two intersections of yellow. If you live in those yellow areas please be cautious as you leave tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 7.14.17 4:30pm: Below is a map with color coded zones to demonstrate the areas in which the work will be done. Work will begin in the yellow zone, red is the second, and green will be last. Each zone is planned to take two days to complete:  one side of the road on first day, the other side of the road on the second day.  If the project gets started on Monday July 17th, as tentatively scheduled, Yellow will begin Monday and be finished on Tuesday.  Red will then begin on Wednesday and be finished on Friday, with no work to be done on Thursday for Trash day. Finally green will be started the subsequent Monday, July  24th, and will be complete on Tuesday.

Rain or inclement weather will delay the process and those delays will be communicated via the website, as well as on Facebook and the NextDoor app.

It has been explained to us that it could take anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours for the areas to be drivable, and the opposite side of the road will be used for traffic during the work. The board would advise you to find a spot to park on a nearby perpendicular street or in front of a neighbors home if their driveway no longer has an orange cone.

Also, for your convenience the Northwest gate will be open once the yellow portion is completed. If that is done on schedule, then it will be open Wednesday Morning. To enter via that entrance use N. Santa Fe Ave and turn East onto Castle Rock, which leads directly to our west gate.

UPDATE 7.14.17 1:00pm: You may see crews out today filling some cracks in our roads as a preparation for the full seal to begin next week. Please be aware and watch for orange cones marking wet areas!

UPDATE  7.9.17  8:35pm:  Due to some unforeseen equipment maintenance issues the road work has been delayed. We now have a tentative start date of July 17th. This is a one week delay to the process. You may see some street cleaning vehicles toward the end of the week doing preparatory work, however this process does not require the same cautions as the road work.

All updates will be featured on the homepage of  until the project is completed.

The only things you need to do as a resident are;

*Follow the signage
-Work areas will be clearly marked
*Don’t drive across wet sealant
-If the sealant in front of your home is wet there will be an orange cone
in your driveway indicating you need to find alternative parking.
-If you drive through wet sealant it could ruin your tires and potentially
your driveway, which will be your responsibility to fix.
*Turn off sprinkler systems during the day

Other things you could do to help… 
– Reschedule lawn care services
– Limit your trips in and out of the neighborhood
– Plan ahead for packages that may arrive or make other arrangements
– Limit the number of visitors that come to your home during this time